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about me

I’m an experienced communications consultant building a career in UX.

I started out working for clients like McDonald’s, Unilever and Kraft Foods. Over the years, I gradually transitioned into the world of digital, startups and more recently, change communications to support technology system deployments for the Australian Government.

That’s where I began putting my hand up to work with UX designers across website projects. Then I completed a UX Design course at General Assembly – and a prototype for a Sydney-based startup.

In my spare time, I go to Agile Meetups (yes, REALLY), obsess over what type of loose leaf tea to bring to the office and wonder which country will be #20 on my ‘visited-to-date’ list (I’m thinking either Portugal or Iceland…)

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key skills

Content development and strategy
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Stakeholder engagement
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Business presentations / workshops
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Budget / project management
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Information architecture / site mapping
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User research / flows
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Prototyping and wireframing
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Sense of humour
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my approach

If you visit a website and can’t complete the task you came to do in the first seven seconds, do you go ever back?

Nope.  And research proves it.

That’s why I bring a strategic, informed approach to my work.

How I think

How I work


SmileAgain hi-fi prototype

SmileAgain site map

*If you're viewing these on a mobile, please click on the CLOSE button - at the bottom left-hand corner in each prototype - so the image fits your screen.


I specialise in:

Scripts, videographer briefings, production management

External communications
Blogs, websites, media releases, bylined articles, social media posts, subscriber emails & newsletters

Internal communications
Technical writing, ERP / change management materials, business presentations, reporting, Intranet content, staff emails


"As an instructor, I see many people come and go in my classroom. It's always a pleasure to have a person like Rebecca who brings a wealth of industry experience and a thirst to increase her skill set in creating great things.

She chose to do one of the hardest class projects for a real startup in Australia. This was not an easy task as it was for SmileAgain, a dental-based startup. Rebecca's work during this course has now been incorporated into the startup's strategy. One of the founders commented on how 'smart and strategic' her approach was and that 'we will be using these insights going forward.'

Rebecca would make a welcome addition to any UX team that focuses on creating results-driven digital platforms that strongly align with customer satisfaction and business performance."

- Grant Maskell, General Assembly UX Instructor

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