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Walking through the Colombian jungle, ankle-deep in wet mud mixed with donkey manure, WITHOUT SHOES ON, I made a life-changing discovery…

…when I realized that I’d rather be doing this than a job I wasn’t 100% passionate about! And I decided, during my travels around South America, that it was time for me to finally find my purpose, grow my business ideas and make a positive impact on the world.

I started globesprouting with just $15 to purchase a domain name and set-up my email address, officially kicking off my journey as a purpose-driven entrepreneur. Then I set off to figure out how to turn what I loved to do into a winning business that also made a positive social or environmental impact.

My search took me more than 30,000 miles around the world to interview purpose-driven startup founders for my blog, work alongside entrepreneurs in Bali and meet with leaders in the social impact and sustainability sectors in Sydney, New York, London and San Francisco.

My global grind: San Francisco, New York, Bali and Sydney.
My global grind: San Francisco, New York, Bali and Sydney.

And do you want to know the biggest secret about launching and growing a purpose-driven business that no one tells you?

That your journey will be full of costly and time-consuming mistakes … and unless you can find proven, cost-effective solutions to keep you on the path towards success, the road is long, difficult and pull-your-hair-out levels of frustrating (I’m still missing some I think!).

But luckily for you, I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to!

My mission with globesprouting is to help more people launch their purpose-driven business journey with BS-free, honest and proven advice, either personally tested or curated by myself. And it’s all backed by 15 years of global communications industry experience – and countless hours of hustle and hard work.

globesprouting is for any freelancer, side-hustler or full-time founder looking for jargon-free, straight-talking proven advice and real-life inspiration on how to launch and grow a purpose-driven business including:

  • Interviews with successful purpose-driven startup founders
  • Tried-and-tested advice about ways to launch and grow your business – and avoid costly mistakes!
  • Online crash courses at affordable prices so EVERYONE has a chance to improve their business skills
  • PR & Communications services for mission-driven businesses looking to make a bigger impact
  • Pro Bono help for non-profits, NGOs or social enterprises with small projects

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The feeling you get when you wake up every morning and get to do what you love….

About Rebecca Cressman, Founder at globesprouting

I’m a PR & Communications Consultant, tea-drinking addict, self-taught web designer (at least that’s my excuse whenever I ask Dreamhost for help!) and courageous minimalist who’s lived out of two suitcases for the last couple of years while carving out a new career.

I love helping clients, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in finding honest, down-to-earth solutions for their biggest business problems.

Check out my work with me page to learn more!

Rebecca Cressman