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Life's too short to just live for the weekend!


I believe everyone deserves the chance to pursue their business dreams and make a positive difference in the world.

But starting a business takes more than just time and money – it also means you’ll need to master entirely new skills.

And unless you’re prepared to weed your way through all of the free resources available on Google or pay a high price for on-site training workshops, there’s not many affordable expert training options out there.

After hearing stories of frustration from fellow business owners about the time and money wasted on so-called ‘expert advice,’ I’ve decided to start sharing my 15 years of global communications experience and self-taught business expertise to help entrepreneurs learn the basics when it comes to:

  • The best free startup resources – and how to master them in just hours – for business founders
  • How to build and launch a WordPress site just like mine (or migrate yours from Blogger!)
  • Personal storytelling and branding 
  • Project management tips to keep you on track
  • Expert advice on increasing your media coverage
  • Tips for getting thought-leadership content published in top industry publications
  • Content strategies for blogs and social media
  • Ways to integrate positive impacts into your business model

What business problems do you need help solving?

I’d love to hear more from you about which areas you need the most help in, so please take 5 minutes to fill in our form below. I’ll be reading each and every response, so your voice does count!